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Steeple-W-Apps provides to build your online menu. You can use our easy control panel to create your online ordering. . You can update your menu, add discount offers, configure opening hours, restrict deliveries to specific postcodes. Steeple-W-Apps online food ordering engine for restaurants, pizzas, pubs and cafes. No programming skills are required.

Some of Features:-

  • Online Menu
  • Online Orderting System
  • Table Booking
  • Party Hall Booking
  • Multiple Location Booking and more...
Product Features
Category Management
You can create unlimited categories and sub-Categories to show your menu to customers.

Menu Manager
Steeple-W-Apps provides extremely versatile and flexible online menu for your restaurant. You can upload photo of food item and details. Give your menu appropriate categories to gain maximum attention!

Smart Search
A smart search is included with the Steeple-W-Apps. With the Your customers can search, browse, and book your Foods, Tables, and Party Halls simply and with a minimum number of steps.
Booking Engine
Booking Engine is the most modern booking interface in the industry today. Your customers can easily book table and party hall and food orders with the help of our powerful Steeple-W-Apps online Booking Engine.
Cancellation Wizard
Automatically applied to cancelled bookings; fees are calculated based on the number of days from the date of cancellation to the departure date and are levied in either an amount or a percentage.
Home Delivery System
You can offer delivery to the customers' door or pickup service to provide increased profits and broader exposure to an entirely new segment of customers for your restaurant.
Multiple Booking
Steeple-W-Apps gives you the ability to consolidate all of your bookings. Steeple-W-Apps is not just for your website; you can take bookings over the phone, in-person. Steeple-W-Apps keeps all of your inventory and bookings in one place, which eliminates the possibility of overbooking.
Tax Management
Tax calculaor functionality, enabling automatic tax calculation of every product / service.
Offer Management
Offer manager allows you to make your offers available for sale in just a few steps.
Possibility to set special pricing levels based on independently adjustable discount levels by product.
Online invoicing help you to manage your service online and offline. It is flexible and reliable to handle your sales.
Online Promotion
Provides yourself the base for effective online promotions, through electronic coupons, gift certificates and so on without the need for any costly conventional media!
Payment Options
Make it easier for customers to do business with you by accepting a variety of payment options like online/Offline. Online payment gateway allows to receive payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, Netbanking and more...
Contact Management
An effective online contact management solution allows you to store and manage your contact list in a secure, central location. With our contact management system, you can export contact lists, organize each contact by category. We provide a feature-rich, reliable online contact management solution.
Customer Management
Customer Management system helps you to save time and stay productive serving to customers.
Customer Testimonial
Adding your hard-earned customer testimonials to your website is a simple task. Testimonials is the one of the best way to get new customers.
News and Events
Steeple-W-Apps provides a feature for continuously updating your news and events on your website to your customers, so always your website will be alive.
SMS Alert
SMS Alert makes comfortable to you and your customer. Customer and you will get SMS Alert for every transaction. We will setup SMS Alert as per your requirement. At present, we support with in India.
Email Alert
You'll be able to get email notifications whenever a response comes to your website and check out the response from wherever you are. Also you can check on Steeple-W-Apps Control Panel.
You Tube
Embedding a video into a web page used to be a real challenge in the early days of the web. Steeple-W-Apps provides option for embedding videos on a website is through YouTube. You can show your Food Menu or Party Hall to customers.
Domain Name
You can register your domain with us or
Already domain registered , just point your domain to our Steeple-W-Apps Servers.
Web Space
Steeple-W-Apps Web Engine comes with default premium Web Space, Email Space so, you no need to buy webspace and email space.
Web Site
Steeple-W-Apps comes with default website layouts, so you no need to spend for website designing.
If you have website already, just add Steeple-W-Apps features to your website.
Social Network
Steeple-W-Apps provides option to connect with social networking websites like facebook, twitter, linkedIn and more...
Add-ons are a additional services to your customers or boost your sales revenue. You can select Add-ons with main package.
Table Booking
Your diners don't need to be dismayed now for the unavailability of an ambient dining place in your restaurant. Using our Online Table Booking, they can book tables in advance at any of your restaurant locations, sitting at their home!
Party Hall Booking
Diners can now book Party Hall anywhere in advance. Besides they can also place booking requests for banquets, parties, family functions, wedding ceremonies, etc.
Agent Tool
You also have the ability to provide your travel agencies with their own private label branded website. It will increase your sales and fast booking of tour package. Your registered Travel agencies can able to book online according to your availability
Marketing Tool (Affiliate)
Marketing Tool, you can sell your business through your own dedicated affiliate network. Anyone can join in Affiliate Program and they can market your business via website or email or SMS. It is simple powerful tool to sell your Products / Services faster.
Customer Support
Our customer support system allows you to manage your support services more efficiently, treating each and every incoming request as a unique, traceable ticket. Steeple-W-Apps provides your support staff members with an intuitive and feature rich ticket management interface that's simple to use.
E-wallet is a prepaid account where your customer can add money, to be used when required. As it is a pre-loaded facility, consumers can buy/renel a range of products / services. Fund request facility is also avaiable for customers.
SSL Certificate
A SSL Certificate on your website greatly increases the trust in your brand and is a positive sign for visitors and customers. Most of the online users can easily identify that you have SSL encryption on your website by the URL they see in their browser.
Advertisement Manager is the most complete ad management solution for your website. It's a very flexible system.
Customer Care
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